Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ougon Yuusha Goldran

 Continuing my Marathon of the Yuusha series from where i left off. So i think it is like a year already after i watched the last Yuusha series which is Fighbird and now i move onto Goldran. This makes the 5th Yuusha series i have completed which makes only three title left. Just like its Predecessor, Goldran is still glorified Toy Commercial made by Sunrise to push Takara Toys sale but i am cool with it nonetheless. Goldran is probably the wackiest Yuusha title i have see so far and likely to stay that way. Quality-Wise it is mediocre series but very lighthearted which makes it kid friendly show. By far Goldran is the only Yuusha series that i have seen which didn't conclude with the Protagonist beating the crap out of the Big Bad Guy.

  Some of the strong parts of Goldran is that it is rather Hilarious Yuusha title and i doubt other Yuusha series can beat the Silliness of Goldran since this one got Episode where one of the Main Character Robot accidentally make child with another Robot. The main character in Goldran is rather Generic because Goldran is a Kid Show but the series got some good Supporting characters. In terms of Mechanical Design, the Lead Mecha design certainly set itself apart from other Yuusha series because Katana Wielding Transforming Mecha Golden Godzilla certainly gets People's Attention. But the Supporting Casts Mecha stays generic like its predecessor save for Captain Shark. By this time i think Takara are obsessed with Lions and Public Service cars for the Yuusha Mecha Design considering all Yuusha Titles i have watched got either or both.

 For the Mechanical Design i think my Favorite in Goldran probably Captain Shark followed by Goldran's First Form while the rest doesn't really appeal me since they look too Bulky. Seriously nothing beats a Transforming Shark Space Battleship. Despite their low sales, i don't really mind another Yuusha Super Robot Chogokin and it is likely that they become my go to Yuusha Collectibles. I think the next Yuusha title on my watchlist will be either ExKaiser or Dagwon despite i want to tackle Mightgaine first considering i am currently playing SRW V because the latter haven't got completely subbed yet. I think at some point of my childhood i had a Silverion Toy in some variant because i remembered i had a toy with Silverion's distinct shield.

Captain Shark
Miracle Mode
Goldran 1st Form
Sky Goldran

God Silverion

Leon Kaiser
Great Goldran

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