Monday, September 25, 2017

Yuusha Shirei Dagwon

 7th out of 8th Yuusha series cleared and my journey toward the Yuusha series coming to close end! At the first place i had my interest on Dagwon as i had the toys back then and I think i have found another personal favorite Yuusha title here even though Dagwon was infamous but not necessarily in good way. In Yuusha series, Yuusha Shirei or Brave Command Dagwon is known as the black sheep of the family and thats because it tried to do too many things at once. Dagwon's storytelling formula follow closely to Exkaiser but introduce Super Sentai Elements which yields mixed result.

 Unlike its predecessors, Instead of having Sentient Robots fighting the Villains, Dagwon features Teenage Protagonists doing the heavy lifting. While some previous Yuusha titles had teenage main character, they are mostly stuck to support role during the mecha fight. In Dagwon the Teenage Bishonens are granted power to fight the villains and able to transform into Yuusha Robots themselves. And for a change the Protagonists Mechas got somewhat equal treatment in Dagwon. For a Yuusha Title, Dagwon can be considered the darkest one since it got some explicit deaths which even Gaogaigar didn't even tread into. Being a Kid Friendly series, Dagwon will definitely stick like a sore thumb. As for the Super Sentai Costume i think it is terrible match, sticking like a sore thumb with Yuusha's mecha design with its contrasting design style.

 Being the Second last Yuusha Series, Sunrise had refined many aspects from previous Yuusha titles in Dagwon and appeared to genuinely attempt to make a good storyline with this one. I heard Mightgaine had it bad, but Dagwon also got serious corporate meddling from Takara. Dagwon starts out quite solid as it tried its own things but by the second half it lost its momentum and mostly reverts back to Glorified Toy Commercial. Because of Takara's Toy-Selling policy, Dagwon probably also got the ugliest Main Character's Mecha Final Form considering Power Dagwon's design is something more suitable for J-Decker. Nevertheless Fire Dagwon's Design is good enough.

 I like Dagwon mainly because it is one of the more Hotblooded Yuusha Title as you get to see the Protagonists need to fight for their life most of the time. The Dagwon could have jobbed less but it was rather inevitable due to its circumstances. I think Sunrise should had Free Reign back then for Dagwon to reach its Potential but in any case Gaogaigar able to achieve what Dagwon unable to do back then thus redeeming Dagwon in a way. The series also got 2 Episode OVA which shows how the Dagwon's super sentai form would look like without Takara's meddling and it could have been pretty cool.
Dagwon Pretty Boys
Dag Fire
Dag Turbo
Dag Armor
Dag Wing
Dag Shadow
Dag Drill
Dag Thunder
Fire Dagwon
Power Dagwon
Suoer Fire Dagwon
Liner Dagwon
Super Liner Dagwon
Shadow Dagwon
Thunder Dagwon
Obligatory Obari Pose

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