Thursday, September 7, 2017

Starship Troopers Traitor of Mars thoughts

 While i do enjoy Starship Troopers Invasion even though it is not perfect, Traitor of Mars turns out to be a total letdown for me. Starship Trooper is known for Grimdark and Gritty settings and somehow this movie manage to screw it up and have the atmosphere to be out of place. For 90 Minutes length movie, Traitor of Mars doesn't use well its time slot as if the movie are bunch of stock animations stitched up together with plot that barely make any sense. It is quite evident that Traitor of Mars likely to be rushed project as the story is pure garbage along with third rate antagonist, a result well known from drafting the story on the go with the animating process. Traitor of Mars is inferior in every way compared to Invasion. While Invasion got some badass supporting characters like Henry Varro, Traitor of Mars have none of it. Traitor of Mars action sequence is okayish but it is mostly Johnny Rico's part and no Marauder Armor is a big minus. After watching this movie it feels like it exists solely as an appetizer for series again as the upcoming project going to be the bigger focus. If you like Starship Trooper Invasion, do not bother to watch Traitor of Mars

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