Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Megazone23 Freeing 1/20 EX=Garland

 Megazone23 is one of the Top Tier Mecha Ovas out there since some of the best experts in animation field at that time were involved in the Production. I think this is why we see the Series got toys from time to time even though it is very pricey. This time Freeing are releasing 1/20 Toy for Garland Motorbike Power Armor Episode 3 Version. The Toy will be released February 2018 with 29800 Yen Price Tag which is rather hefty. The Toy is fully Transformable Motorbike Power Armor standing about 20 cm tall in the Mecha form. The Sculpt is superb but seeing the prototype, i think the manufacturer need to rework on some parts. The Legs especially on the Thigh Joints are Flimsy and the Shoulder Joint looks really fragile, not something you want from an expensive toy. If this toy cost 15000 - 20000 Yen, i would have got this one but i am saving money for Sentinel's Mospeada Ride Armor. In Megazone23, The Pilot of Garland is not Shogo anymore but a youth named Eiji who is pretty cool guy. In the third Episode you get some of the best Dystopian Cyberpunk Landscape out there which also heavily influence Armored Core 3rd Generation. If you haven't watched Megazone23, do yourself a favor and go watch it!


  1. Nice promo however the shoulder seems fragile to me.. those big price tags of Mecha toys these days are getting hard to reach.. I’m only having the old Yamato version and recently came across news that Arcadia also releasing that refurbished of the Yamato mold..

    1. I guess Megazone was too niche that the manufacturer are forced to charge an arm and the legs for the toys. The Arcadia version of Garland are definitely ridiculous as they charge you 40000 Yen for a 20 Cm transforming toy. I can always still wait for Sentinel to make one