Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yuusha Exkaiser

 This makes 6th out of 8th Yuusha title i have finished watching and i am quite surprise my dedication to mecha series can get me this far. Being the 1st title of the Yuusha Series, Exkaiser is expected to be rather weak title considering the Yuusha series identity are not well developed by this time. Therefore there is not much distinction between Yuusha with Transformers series yet. Overall the series is quite bland as it is a Glorified Toy Commercial at its purest form targeted for kids which is still quite normal for a late 80s mecha title. Compared to its successor, Exkaiser mecha design is very blocky  but i do like the Transformation sequence for it reminds me of Baikanfu's Pile Formation Gimmick. In terms of story formula, Exkaiser story are episodic with each episode mostly have no correlation with each other and the main antagonist remains the same for whole series. Like Fighbird, Exkaiser is one of the series that got cool mecha design for the main antagonist which could have passed off as protagonist mecha. While Exkaiser got some decent Episodes, majority are forgettable not to mention it got the honor of having the most obnoxious supporting character in Yuusha series. As a kid i might have enjoyed the series but watching Exkaiser as an adult, there is not much thing to appreciate in this Yuusha title.

Green Raker & Blue Raker
Dash Max, Sky Max & Drill Max
King Exkaiser
Ultra Raker
God Max
Dino Geist
Dragon Kaiser
Great Exkaiser
Obligatory Obari Pose

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