Sunday, September 10, 2017

SRW V First Impressions

 As i have acquired my Platinum Trophy nothing stands in my way to play SRW V. It took like 6 months after the game was released, but enduring it was well worth it. The main reason i get SRW V is because of its Roster which i find to be very Stellar and it didn't disappoint in this department. In terms of overall quality, i think SRW V Production Value is not going to be as good as Z2 Saisei Hen and Translation Quality got some inconsistencies but passable. So far i have reached up to 19 Chapters and i do enjoy the game up until now. The new gameplay mechanics like Pooled Skill Points which is called TaC does give my SRW playthrough experience a new breath. For my first playthrough i used Female Heroine which was instant dislike already because she is such a Hypocrite. Just like other Bamco Mecha Games, SRW V unfortunately got the screenshot capability locked and i will probably find a way to bypass this. Despite all of its apparrent flaws from the beginning, i think will still be able to enjoy my SRW V experience.

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