Sunday, September 24, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes ARTFX 1/8 Siegfried Kircheis

 As the last of the three of the LoGH Figurine made by Kotobukiya, we got the release info for Future Galactic Emperor's Best Friend Siegfried Kircheis! The ARTFX Siegfried Kircheis will be released on March next year and just according to my prediction, the price tag is the same with Yang Wenli costing 9000 Yen. Personally i would have got Kircheis even if i didn't get Reinhard because he is one of the most likable guy in LoGH series but Kotobukiya decided to screw up with his Figure and Reinhard. The Face Expression is clearly rushed job just like Reinhard which is a big deal for a figurine. Kircheis is Reinhard's Best Friend and played huge role in his life who's the only one able to correct Reinhard from straying away of his path. In LoGH Kircheis is probably the paragon of loyalty and kindness since he have all quality that you want from a friend. Speaking his design for the Anime Reboot, i think Kircheis look most horrible of the three characters. I would have got Kircheis Figure if it done right but Kotobukiya simply refuse my money for messing up their job.

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