Sunday, March 4, 2012

1/144 Alteisen Riese WIP part 4

Another WIPs for my Alteisen Riese, this time i will show the work for Upper torso part and some starters for left hand since i forgot to make enough documentation on torso part. Anyway the upper torso work is rather simple since i just need to fix one part with seamlines only. I also have completed painting the lower body part which the results is shown below.

I think the results doesn't look that bad but certainly it would be much better if the kit is in good condition. Most of the noticeable seamlines are taken out already but there still some bits left on the back leg. The lower body is simple enough compared to the some parts that i will be working on.

This is the part of the upper torso that i forgot to document for the upper torso, the paint job are quite straightforward though the head part is slightly delicate. I snapped the Plasma horn back in the past which makes me have to handle this part with care and probably you could seem some cement mark on the horn.

As for the hand parts, i also working on the left arm which would probably has the most annoying part to work on along with the right arm. This is mainly due to the wing stabiliser parts which is one of the few parts you would rather not to work on after assembled it and it has quite noticeable seamlines too.

That's all for the WIP this time and i will update the WIP again in 2 days.

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