Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tekkaman Blade 2

Tekkaman Blade is one of the scifi series that are generally well received on /m/ but for some reason its sequel is almost unheard. Thus i am taking a look into the series out of curiosity and finds out why the OVA got such treatment. Tekkaman Blade 2 continues 10 years after Events in Tekkaman Blade took place and earth are confronting Radams with their full scale assault while facing some threats from rebelling incomplete tekkaman. The story focus on the new generation of Space Knight's Tekkaman who are training to fight Radams replacing Blade. Basically the OVA destroys what the Tv series had been built up and we get unappealing new story instead. This is quite similar with some anime series that i watched because that's the risk when creating a sequel from well established series without proper execution. The weakest aspects of the OVA is the new characters who are just lackluster when they are compared to the old cast of Tekkaman Blade and even fanservices(which are plenty in this OVA) doesn't help the main characters to be less shitty. But what puts me really off is that the design of the new Tekkamans which i find doesn't really feel like a Tekkaman and more like generic tokusatsu design. You won't lose anything if you didn't watch the OVA but you can give it a watch if you like to see D-Boy in some action and Opening is not half bad.

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