Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Megaman Legends 2 finished!

After over 10 years this game is released, i managed to complete this game at last even if it is abit too late. I really had high expectation with this game since i never been able to finish the game back in the past. Unfortunately my expectation of this game is betrayed and i find Megaman Legends 2 is rather lackluster.

In this game i managed to clock 12 hours for my first playthrough which could be even shorter if i am not going back and forth looking for stuffs.The first reason why i am disappointed with this game is that the game rather lacks of content and gives false sense of big overworld, while the world map seems big there are only handful places can be visited. Apart from the 4 main dungeons, the rest of dungeons are pretty small and boring. Secondly i find the game is counter intuitive because you are forced to search every corner of cities in order to find materials to make sub-weapon which i don't mind if it is located in dungeon. Long story short, the game basically force you to waste couple of hours to look for those items if you are not using faqs. lastly the weakness of this game is the story and character, while i didn't expect much from megaman series in this department, i think legends actually managed to be the worst among other Megaman titles mainly because some characters plainly lacks of common sense or it is due to degradation by the dubbing. Nevertheless, Megaman Legends 2 still did well in terms of gameplay just like most other Megaman series did but i still find mechanical designs of Legends are rather silly.

Despite i heavily criticise Megaman Legends, i am still a fan of megaman series at heart because i spent my teen with them, Regarding Megaman Legends 3 i am taking neutral stance with the cancellation of the title because i think Capcom had a valid reason even if it is not ethical one. I think it is better that the game cancelled halfway rather than it bombed really hard when it is released and disappoint the fans like a certain conclusion(cliffhangers) of other megaman series. However i believe that the reasons why Capcom decided to cancel Megaman Legends 3 are significantly affected by Corporate politics(Sony? Nintendo?) rather than simply profit(which is still major one) but Capcom still pulled the decision really slow (probably intentional). The only regret that i have with MML3 cancellation is the chance to see the game to be improved but in the end 3DS still got Monster Hunter anyway in exchange of this title.

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  1. I actually like the Legend series because of its comedy content, while I also enjoyed the X series but its a heavy series filled with drama and suspense while Legends are light hearted and funny