Thursday, March 8, 2012

1/144 Alteisen Riese WIP part 5

This time the WIP comes to the 2nd part of my work on the arms which will cover both left and right arms at the same time. Perhaps i will be able to complete the WIP with one more progress and then it will goes straight through Review.

A significant amount of time i spent on this kit is to undo the works that i had done to the kit before, which are Gundam Markers most of the time considering my iven modelling skill at that time. I used Acrylic thinner to remove the paint which finish the job at least though not as good as Gundam Marker Eraser.

Arms part had quite significant amount of seamlines though some of them are not that noticeable on the kit, but anyway i will still need to work on them anyway.

This is the upper torso that i applied putty before has already painted and the result is reached my target more or less.

The arm parts that connect the lower arm with shoulder is one of the more annoying part to work. I never really like to work White colored parts since Spray Paints is not the best thing to paint white color and they are really easy to get dirty. When i work on this part, i find that Primer somewhat helps in concealing the Seamlines which is helpful for this part.

Compared with the left arm, i find the right arm is trickier to work with, this is because the Revolver Bunker had plenty of seamlines and i need to insert the Nail parts first before attempting to apply the putty which is slightly annoying.

Out of the parts i worked one, this is the most annoying parts i had to work on due to the assembly method. I cut some of the parts to make the other parts that connects with it is easier to insert since i need this part in one piece to remove the seamlines.

With this the WIP leaves the backpack parts left and probably i could show the progress rather fast.

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