Sunday, March 18, 2012

Detonator Orgun

Obari's Finest Hour?

Just now i finished watching Detonator Orgun OVA which consist of 3 episodes only. I was first exposed with this series in SRW W along with Tekkaman Blade. This is one of the few animation that is directed by Masami Obari and had quite interesting development history as it was worked on around the same time of Tv series of Tekkaman Blade. While the OVA had major similarities with Tekkaman Blade, in the end it manage to make itself distinct from the latter series.

Just like Tekkaman Blade, Detonator Orgun revolves about earth find itself in impending destruction due to invasion by Alien creatures but less apocalyptical this time. Long story short one of the enemy defect to protect the earth and a boy called Tomoru received the power from this particular Alien who called himself Orgun. The OVA have several similarities with Tekkaman Blade as there are characters in the OVA that mirrors major characters in TV series like Evil, Rapier and Omega(which is the major focus in the OVA instead of Evil counterpart). Shura's plot in OGG is quite similar with Orgun's in a way btw.

Despite the close similarity of the OVA with Tekkaman Blade, i would say Detonator Orgun is what Tekkaman would look like if it doesn't have severe quality issue here and there. Simply to say the production value of the OVA is really high mainly due to the animation quality which are really solid when it comes to actions and animation quality. Moreover the OVA show really interesting mechanical design concepts which are a rarity for anime show these days. While Orgun is not as hotblooded as Tekkaman Blade, i do like the design as well.

While it has 3 OVA episodes online, the story is concluded properly and self contained. If you like Tekkaman Blade you should give this OVA a watch and you will not regret it. Personally i think Orgun would have better chance to show in SRW again(which would be lovely!) compared to Tekkaman Blade since i recall it is not Tatsunoko's IP which makes it somewhat easier. So far there are no any action figure for Orgun unfortunately but it seems there will be RIOBOT figure of him to be released around this year probably and i definitely would look forward for an Armor Plus of Orgun.

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