Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1/144 Alteisen Riese WIP part 6

Finally we are at the final WIP of Alteisen Riese which will cover the Backpack parts. Unlike Alteisen, Riese have rather huge backpack as a part of the upgrade which looks really cool when expanded.

The Wing Binder has the greatest number of parts for backpacks and apparently plenty of seamlines too. I cut some of the White parts to make easier insertion for the red parts without disassembling it so that there will be less risk of the seamline showing up again.  The Wing Binder connector to the back also took some works as there is no workaround for this one.

 The tail binder on the backpack is probably the part in Alteisen Riese that has biggest Seamlines took a while to fix the seamlines but in the end it works as well.

 That's the current progress of the kit right now and eventually i will put up the full review of the kit by next week at least and please look forward for it. With this post, it marks the end of the 1/144 Alteisen Riese but i will be making another WIPs in the future.

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