Friday, March 30, 2012

Armored Core 3

I am not really good at Armored Core games but i always really like the series. I have played couple of AC titles but rarely finish any because the series is not that noob friendly. but at least things are getting better for me since i managed to beat the final stage of Armored Core 3 recently. This makes me finished 2 AC series including this game and Formula Front. The last stage is not that difficult, despite you had to fight 2 ACs at the same time in which i used Heavy type EO AC with Grenade Launcher. For now i am going to hunt secret parts and gather OP-Intensify skills so i could have some funs by having my AC shooting back weapons while standing. I recommend this title if you want to get into the series since it is the easier one(don't touch Last Raven first!) and quite fun. Though i wish there are decent ranged weapons for left hands in this game.

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