Saturday, March 10, 2012

SRW Original Generations Gaiden Review

Onore Dark Brain!!!!!!!!!

After i cleared OGs on PS2 i went straight through OG Gaiden which is bascially SRW OGs 1.5 rather than OGs 2 as it extends the story of the series. The game is rather short for an SRW Game and even shorter compared to A series but still fun nonetheless, though i don't think this game deserve a full game price.

    SRW OG Gaiden's plot mainly focus around SRW R which featured in OGs before, Bartool Arc from SRW OG OVA, Shuras from Impact and Compatible Kaiser. OGG also prepare some sneak peeks for SRW MX plot which we get to so Cry Wolves team(they are pretty cool) and see their demise. Touma Kanou, one of Alpha 3 protagonist also show as a cameo in this game though he is still a helpless guy at this point.

Basically the story of OGG revolves around a mysterious gigantic sword like object which suddenly appears in Space which hosts races called Shuras who try to make Earth as their homeworld and they cooperate with SRW R villains to achieve the goal. Meanwhile on earth the Divine Crusader making movements again while mysterious automated robots are kidnapping people around. Now it is up to Hagane-Hiryu crew to save the world from these troubles.

Perhaps the majority of OGG plot revolves around Shuras where one of the Shura named Folka Albark become the main protagonist of this game. Basically Folka decided to defect from Shuras as he begin to doubt Shura's conquest of Earth after talks for some time with an Earthling he kidnapped who happened to be current Fighter Roa's little sister.

Personally i find Folka is the most awesome character in this game compared to Raoul or Fighter Roa. The Ialdabaoth is one heck of Super Robot as well as every single attack of this mecha are Overkill and really hot blooded which is why i really like the mech over Not Aestivalis then Getter Dragon or OG version of Sol Gravion.

To make this game less boring, Some of the existing units from OGs are upgraded like Daizengar with its default equipment unlocked or Kai getting new Gespenst that kick even more ass. You will get all of the secrets that are included back in OGs like Ravens, Ashsaber and the infamous Wildwurger L as well. Some other units also get subtle upgrades like Grungust or Cybuster.

Throughout the game OGG is relatively easy but near the end of the game there is something that makes this game really hard which is no other than Dark Brain. This guy have to be the most annoying boss i have ever fought in SRW mainly due to its thick defense and Large HP Regen which makes it unnecessarily hard. To make it even worse, this guy got 2 forms which the 2nd form hits and dodge even better with Large HP regen intact which makes this guy regenerate 150k HP each turn. The boss is too challenging since the game is way too short to make any proper preparation against this guy. If i have my Alpha Numbers cast, i would have killed this annoying boss in worst possible way.

The final boss in this game is Shuu with his trolling again in his Neo Granzon. Compared to Dark Brain, he is a piece of cake as he is less difficult which give some breathing space. Shuu become the final boss since it is his supposed role to fill the gap in Masou Kishin series.

OGG is quite self contained as it concludes most of the stuff it introduces are concluded in the end which is good in a way because OG series can't be too clusterfuck or otherwise the storyline would be toned down really low than it supposed to be. I hope the OGs2 will be not too clusterfuck because it can't be one yet until OGs3. With this i completed most of SRW that i want to play in PS2 which make Alpha 2 the only one left. I am also going to get Ialdabaoth and Gespenst MK-II Kai kit since they are too good to be left.


  1. The Shura are from Compact 3 and not Impact.

    I don't get why so many people have problems with Dark Brain. Like any tough boss, its always exhaust + Confusion + Armor Breaker. I remember beating him in 2 turns.

  2. I thought the Shuras do show up in Impact even though it is not the debut.

    The problem with the Dark Brain is due to the stage as well since this guy are surrounded with 10 minions with 200k HP which is the part of Battle Master. Personally i hate this guy due to 30% HP regen which seems unfair and makes it harder compared to Kaiser Ephes(which got higher power level) or Don Saucer in A Portable.

  3. The Shuras debuted in Compact 3. They did not appear in Impact or Compact 2 so you messed up there.

    As for the Raideen look-alikes with 200k, you could just send Folka or the Excellences to play with them since they'll be able to dodge all their attacks and still hit them hard for a long time thanks to their en regeneration. The trick is not to rush but be patient and take them out one at a time.

  4. What I didn't like about this game was how inconsistent it was regarding characters, as the cast is divided in like 4 or so groups and you keep jumping from one to another until like the last 10 stages or so.
    That aside, being able to use Folka is more than enough, the Ialdabaoth is badass incarnate.