Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real Robots Final Attack

Recently i am finding searching for some PSX games to be played on my psp and i stumble upon this game. Real Robot Final Attack is an action game which is similar to Sega's Virtual-On in terms of gameplay and just like its name implied, the rosters consist of Real Robots(except Shining Gundam and Dunbine i guess). The game also featured SRX team of SRW as secret units which is the main reason why i have a try on this game. In terms of quality, Real Robot Final Attack is quite lackluster especially in graphic department which is even worse compared to Saturn's Virtual-On and obviously Oratorio Tangram wins undisputed. Probably this game is the closest thing to knock-offs ever made by Banpresto  though i think it would be lovely to see a Virtual-On game with SRW OG cast. If you looking for some psx mecha games i think you might consider to look into this game as it is actually fun for a while except the final boss who spams even worse than Jaguarandi.

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