Friday, March 16, 2012


Out of several Martial Arts mangas that i read, Holyland is probably one of the few that had a lasting impression for me. The story is about a mysterious figure called Thug Hunter who beats up delinquents at night in city which cause some unrests on the street. It turns out that the Thug Hunter actually a normal highschool boy called Kamishiro Yuu who used to be bullied really bad and the manga revolves about his life on the street. Unlike most martial arts manga that cover a particular style of martial arts, Holyland focused on street fighting and incorporates some aspects of martial arts styles. While this manga doesn't have any flashy techniques or superman-like character, i find the fighting techniques in Holyland is quite practical compared to other martial arts manga. While it is not the epitome of Shonen manga, if you like martial arts probably you will really like holyland.

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