Friday, March 23, 2012

Armored Trooper Votoms Shining Heresy

After i watched the TV series of Votoms, finally i managed to finish the Shining Heresy which is the chronological sequel after the last episode of Tv series 4th season. Taking 32 years after tv series ended, Chirico awakened again after long slumber but find his lover Fyana, missing. Soon after Chirico awakened, he find himself targeted by a religious sect and seems that his destiny this time force him to face this religious sect to save his lover. I find the religious plot in the OVA is really confusing but the battle animation is superb as always(though abit scarce) and now i find out some people said the OVA is quite tragic. If you have been following the series, Shining Heresy is a must watch as it is one of the main part of Chirico's story but you had to watch the TV series at least or you will get confused with the plot. With this the only Votoms OVA left for me to watch are Mellowlink, Case Irvine and Phantom again which will conclude Chirico's tale and probably i will start with Phantom first.

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